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Welcome to Lavkarittet 13. August 2022

logo_mediumWelcome to sunny Skibotn and one of the biggest offroad bicycle competition in Northern Norway. Lavkarittet takes place the second Saturday in August every year, but this year it’s the third. Lavka is a offroad ride which starts in Hatteng and ends in Skibotn, with a distance of 67,5 km.

Skibotn is located 120 km from Tromsø and 50 km from Kilpisjärvi in Finland. The place is known for its nice climate with a lots of sun and small amounts of rain.

For many of the riders is Lavkarittet a rite of passage every year (miehuuskoe). Arrangers have experienced that offroad bicycling is an increasing sport . Outdoor/offroad cycling in fantastic terrain is a nice combination of sports/training and enjoying the nature.

The ride Lavkarittet goes through several valleys and over a mountain from Hatteng to Skibotn. The trail is off path so the riders need to be as self-reliants/self-sufficient as possible, wear appropriate clothing for weather conditions and have the necessary equipment/tools for patching.

In addition of Lavkarittet we arrange Lavka30, Lavka 15 and MiniLavka the same day. This is an offer for riders below the age of 16 years and ladies and gents off the competition class.

Trail Information

Lavkarittet is a fantastic offroad trail which goes over a mountain with the highest point of 840 m over the sea level. The ride is practiceable/feasable for riders on different levels with a offroad bike or a hybrid bike with rough tires. The trail is well marked and there are permanent signs.

Map of the trail with gradient

Map of the trail with pictures

The trail with its 68 km offers many spectacular nature experiences. The startpoint is in Hatteng. In the beginning the ground is of asphalt and goes over to nice gravel road for the first 7 km. After passing the last houses in Kitdalen the trail crosses a river (Kitdalselva) by a small bridge, take left. After the bridge the trail takes you up to the woods.

At this point the forest truck road starts gradientcy. The average rider will be able to cycle this part of the trail. By the timber line the ground of the road gets a little coarser and rocky. Most of the riders are still able to keep cycling without getting of the bike, but techincally able/skilful riders will be outstanding at this climbing part of the trail. For some might getting of the bike and walk be advantageously.

In Norddalen you can enjoy the wonderful setting of steep cliffs on both sides of the trail, a beautiful waterfall and a river draining at the bottom of the valley. Norddalen is also full of war history. The Germans were supposed to stop Sovjet´s advancement by Festüng Lyngen during World War II. Parts of the trail is built by prisoners of war.

Above the timber line starts funny serpentineturns which slings up the mountainside. Many of the riders choose to cycle instead of getting off the bike. The ground gets rougher as higher we get and its more difficult to maneuver the bike. In need of a brake this is the right place to do so – in greatness of Norddalen.

Passed the serpentineturns the trail gets slaughter with just a couple gradients (nousua). This part of the trail requires some technical skills of the riders and for the less experienced riders it will be advantageously to get off their bike and walk. After 17 km of cycling you are at the highest point of the trail – 840 meters above the sea level. From the top and down to Gouvdalake there are some nice downhill drives (shutdowns) for about 2 km. Adjust the speed to individual level.

There is 22 km of lovely mountain biking through Lavkadalen down to Skibotndalen, the terrain is a bit hilly, but only downhill in the end. It is recommended to save some energy for this stage(osuus). In Skibotndalen the trail follows the road (number) E8, mostly this part is flat and goes downhill, without a couple/few uphills. (nousua)

After passing/Passed Lulle the trail follows a nice forest trail for 4 km, which you can look forward to. When approaching Brennfjell there is 13 km of nice path riding, before getting back to the paved(asfaltoitua) road again. During the forest trail there are two demanding uphills (nousua). The first is in Brennfjell and the second is Fossemelen with a length of 400 m. From the top of Fossemelen you are only 5 km from the finishline.

The last part of the trail is mostly paved and the terrain is easygoing before you have finished the biggest offroad bicycle competition of Nordkalotten (Pohjoiskalootti).

Have a nice ride!

Lavkarittet is a offroad bicycling competition with a distance of 67,5 km. You can choose between two different categories; «tur» and «elite» with age limit of 17 years. There is also a «trim» category for those who hasn´t the highest ambitions and the participants can choose their start time.

Lavka30 is a 34 km long ride where the start and finish is by Skibotnhallen. Lavka30 has a competition class «active children» for ages 13-16 years and «trim» cathegory for all ages 10 years  and up.

Registration for MiniLavka takes place by start

MiniLavka is for the youngest riders for ages between 0 and 9 years. Start and finish by Skibotnhallen.

Contact person: Jan-Arne Jensen
Phone: +47 90555052
Email: pamelding@lavkarittet.no